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Data threats are constantly growing. It is therefore critical for business owners to gain insights into the evolving realm of cyber threat and security to better protect their organization.

Here are some valuable insights into data threat:

  1. Hold on to spam email

Spam email is one of the most preferred hack mediums for cybercriminals. Malware can easily be spread through spam email using internal as well as external malicious actors.  According to Symantec, there was one email malware in every 359 emails in July 2017.

The success of Petya and WannaCry has led banking Trojans, Trickbot and Emotet to infect other victims, operating on the same network, by adding support for a self-spreading component.

  1. Less is more for hackers

Modern security solutions have become better at stopping malware that are distributed through spam blasts, which means that well-organized hackers don’t work on these types of attacks.

Instead, they have learned to refine their techniques by emphasising on small and focused attacks. Hackers can get past detection by frequently altering the malware to bypass the security tools. Hackers can even augment the breach to realize large returns.

  1. Web attack

Researchers have discovered a new type of web attack which exploits the vulnerability of fresh installation of WordPress. The hackers scan a specific setup URL used by the content management system’s new installations.

Hackers can gain the knowledge of fresh installation of WordPress on a server by the presence of the URL. They can then take over the WordPress site (due on configuration) as well as the hosting account and other sites embedded in it.

  1. Mac OS X, heed the warning!

The perception that the Mac OS X cannot be breached is false. OS X faces fewer threats which don’t necessarily mean that Macs are safe from attacks. In fact, hackers are shifting their focus to compromising OS X.

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