Information Security Threats That Will Dominate 2018


Every year, the outlook of global security evolves, given the way and rate at which hackers improve their techniques and technologies. The new EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has come into force, implying the importance of data.      

Some of the biggest security threats of 2018 are here to stay. In fact, their capabilities and reach have improved!

Here’s a look into 2018 information security threats that business owners must understand:

1) AI-powered hacking

2018 has been tagged as the year of AI-powered hacking. Hackers are likely to leverage AI and machine learning to create autonomous systems that can adapt to new environments, learn and identify flaws/vulnerabilities, and exploit them while efficiently evading security concerns.

2) Software supply chain attacks

Supply chain is one of the areas hackers have been focusing on. The number of attackers targeting unsuspecting organizations and injecting malware implants into the supply chain are growing. One of the notable example is the Petya ransomware outbreak. After using Ukrainian accounting software, MEDoc, as an entry-point, the self-propagating malicious worm spread across corporate networks, affecting a number of countries.

3) Mobile malware

Mobile malware continues to grow. There was a 54 percent increase in mobile malware variants in 2017. Continued use of older mobile operating systems lead to more vulnerabilities. Grayware and potentially malicious apps pose privacy threats to mobile users.

4) Rainbow table cracking

Using rainbow table is one of the forms of cracking – a technique used by hackers to gain access to users’ password while bypassing security concerns by posting as users.  

The passwords companies store are converted into numeric values known as hashes. By using a rainbow table, attackers can find the numeric values of users’ passwords and easily gain access. A rainbow table is a pre-computed table that lists possible permutations of encrypted passwords.

5) Crime-as-a-service

Crime-as-a-service (CaaS) is casting a dreadful effect on the crime world, including cyber crime. CaaS involves sophisticated criminals developing advanced tools and services and selling or renting them to less-experienced criminals. As such, inexperienced criminals can carry out sophisticated attacks with the help of the tools and services.

Secure your business website

Given the fact that hackers are now using advanced techniques and exploring newer territories, it underscores your responsibility as a business owner to better protect your business website.

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