4 Cybersecurity tips for startups


If you think that your start-up is too small for the hackers to bother with, you are wrong. Even a single security slip can be catastrophic for your business because hackers never differentiate between the targets. They are always looking for data that’s easily accessible and valuable. Here’s what you need to consider about cybersecurity: Backup your data It doesn’t matter whether you are a start...

The Biggest Cybersecurity Disasters


Cybersecurity disasters/ data breaches take place every now and then; even the minor security breach can incur a great loss. But then there are large-scale security breaches which have paralyzing impacts. Here, we have compiled some of the biggest cybersecurity disasters: 1) eBay – May 2014 Online auction giant eBay announced a cyber-attack in May 2014 which involved the encrypted passwords...

5 Scariest Cybersecurity Statistics

Cyber Security

The cyber world is super accessible, which is a good and a bad thing too; good in the sense that accessing information about almost anything on the internet, and bad in the sense that its translucent character makes it vulnerable to breaches. Cyber-attacks are not only limited to unsecured websites, but also to top players such as banks and e-commerce websites. The wisest decision is to add...

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