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The cyber world is super accessible, which is a good and a bad thing too; good in the sense that accessing information about almost anything on the internet, and bad in the sense that its translucent character makes it vulnerable to breaches.

Cyber-attacks are not only limited to unsecured websites, but also to top players such as banks and e-commerce websites. The wisest decision is to add simple authentication and security layer to your website, because the website can bring you the business.

Here are the 5 scariest cybersecurity statistics:

1. Cybercrime was the second-most reported crime in 2016

PwC, in its report, “Global Economic Crime Survey 2016,” mentions cybercrime as the second-most reported economic crime in 2016. The report also goes on to say that respondents of the survey (50 organizations approx.) suffered a loss of over $5 million. The survey also found out that reputational damage was the biggest form of damage impact among the respondents.

Hackers have evolved to manage to stay masked for an extended period on organizations’ network. The report claims that most companies aren’t prepared for cyber threats. In fact, the majority of companies don’t even understand the risks faced. The survey found only 37% of organizations to have a cyber incident plan.

2. Cybercrime goes undetected

According to World Economic Forum’s report, “The Global Risk Report 2016,” a significant percentage of cybercrime takes place without being detected. The major factors that lead to this scenario are proprietary secrets and industrial espionage.

3. Small and midsized organizations aren’t spared from cyber attacks

According to the report, “The State of Cybersecurity in Small & Medium-sized Business,” by Keeper Security, almost 50% of small and medium organizations reported a data breach in 12 months (in the period of 2015-16). Similarly, 55% of respondents reported cyber-attacks which took place in the same time frame.
In the report, only 14% of companies represented in the study implement solutions to mitigate cyber risks and vulnerabilities.

4. The percentage of organizations worldwide affected by cyber threats

Software company, Invincea, in its report, “2016 Cyberthreat Defense Report,” pointed out that the percentage of organizations being host to successful attacks rose from 62% in 2014 to 71% in 2015, and 76% in 2016. The report also goes on to point out that Malware (Trojans, worms, and viruses), Phishing/Spear-phishing attacks, and SSL-Encrypted threats are the cyber threats that cause the concern.

5. Organizations’ assumption of future attacks

The same Invincea report states that 52% of respondents (organizations) expected to face cyber threats in 2015. Likewise, the number of organizations expecting to face attacks in 2016 accounted for 62%.

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