4 Website Security Insights You Must Know


4 Website Security Insights You Must Know

Websites are most vulnerable when it comes to malware and data breaches. Cybersecurity is constantly evolving as hackers adopt new tools, techniques and target which cause irreparable damage.

Read below to know about 4 web security insights:

1) Cyber threats to the web

According to Symantec’s “Internet Security Threat Report,” vulnerable web servers increase the likelihood of cyberattacks/data breaches to websites and the people who visit them. The report also goes on to say that the ease of use and wide-scale availability of web attack toolkits is facilitating web attacks. Surprisingly, website owners aren’t patching and updating their server and website at a pace that they should.

2) Different types of attacks

There are different approaches for hackers to attacks, namely external, internal, and reflective. External attacks are a shotgun-like approach where hackers fire a round of different shots to try and see what works.
Brute-force attack is a perfect example of an external attack in which the attacker bombards the username and password fields to crack the right combination. According to a report, 65% of LinkedIn passwords could be easily cracked with Brute-force.

3) Two-factor authentication strengthens cybersecurity

According to a report by PC Magazine, passwords are the biggest culprits of website log-in information breach as attacks such as simple phishing and brute-force can easily crack them.
The report also goes on to say that internet services who have had an inkling of being hacked have embraced two-factor authentication (aka 2FA), but the traditional 2FA of entering the token generated by token device or mobile app is not safe. Phishers can get the 2FA token and login immediately.

4) Securing websites against cyberattacks

According to “Website Security Threat Report 2016” by Symantec, e-commerce business is increasingly becoming common in our daily lives. This also means that e-commerce business owners need to prioritize website security as the consequence of information breaches will “damage consumer confidence” and cause “wider economic fallout.”

Website Security Best Practice

If you own an website, then you need to ensure safety for your customers as well as your website. SuperAuth provides a seamless solution of no password login with future 2FA, which could not be attack by phishing.

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